Natural Family  Planning for J2ME


Downloads are hosted by SourceForge:
For developement snapshots check out from subversion
    svn co nfp-mini


Requirement for running:

In order to download nfp-mini directly to your mobile you need to point your cell phone's mobile browser to:
There you will find a WAP page with a list of links to all current nfp-mini versions.
You can run nfp-mini online using MPowerPlayer.


The application is available in english and in polish. If you wish to provide a translation please don't hesitate
to email me at

Tested on

List of cell phones on which the application is confirmed to work:

(I'm currently working on porting to Nokia 6100)

Developer notes

For notes on building from source as well as a general disscussion on development of nfp-mini go here.