Building from source

1. Checkout the most recent version from subverion:
svn co nfp-mini
2. Create your file. You need to provide at least the path to Sun Java Wireless Toolkit via wtk.home property.
For example:
Check out the beginning of build.xml file for more properties you can modify via
3. Run
to run the application in emulator. Run
ant -p
for available targets
4. To be able to develop nfp-mini under eclipse you need to set WTHHOME classpath variable to the same value as wtk.home property.
You can do this via Window | Preferences, Java > Build Path > Classpath Variables

Porting to MIDP 1.0

Building of the midp 1.0 version is possible thanks to Antenna's preprocessor.
Limits of MIDP 1.0 which I had to take in account while developing nfp-min:

Bugs on Nokia 5410i:

Porting to Nokia 6100

First of Nokia 6100 is a Nokia Series 40 phone, which all provide only MIDP version 1.0.
Nokia 6100 (and supposedly all Series 40 phones) additionally has these bugs:
Another problem was the 64kb jar size limit, but I managed to decrease it's size mainly using obfuscation.
Also FileConnection is not available so export/import of csv files had to be removed from the build (using Antenna defines).

This program is based on information from: [in polish]